📦 Cardboard Carrier
2019 – physical prototyping

From a single piece of cardboard, create a carrier to improve the experience of carrying a vinegar bottle to a dinner party as a gift.
01. Project Objectives

Construction Objectives:
•  must be constructed using a single sheet of corrugated cardboard
•  may not include any fasteners constructed of other materials
•  must be assembled, dissembled, and used during class on the due date
Conceptual Objectives:
• To pay close attention to the roles the carriers play that extend beyond mere utility to include rituals, such as dinner party gift giving
•  To explore the structural and aesthetic qualities of the given material and use your findings in the development of your carrier ideas
•  To generate various carrier ideas that address the unique challenge of  transporting certain items AND serving as a gift package
•  To explore the validity of your ideas through the making of sketch models
•  To use each prototype that you make as a tool that informs subsequent steps 
•  To create carriers that are practical in their size, assembly, and carrying methods; but also unique, fun, and interesting.
•  To create well-crafted carriers
02. Developing The Idea​​​​​​​
03. Physical Iterations
04. Final Iteration

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